Wildflower / A Candle - on our collaboration with Max and Bonnie Kate of Adventure US

Have you ever smelled something and immediately been taken back to a specific place? Maybe the fragrance brought you back to a person or a time. This phenomenon is called "olfactory memory" and it is the idea that fragrance triggers emotion and memory far greater than any other sense.

Our fragrances were all created with fond memories in mind. Forest was inspired by a hike I took at the base camp of Mount Rainier and Sea Salt was inspired by my coming of age on the coast of Alabama. I could write about a specific memory tied to every single one of our fragrances and the real heart behind Great Bear Wax Co. is to provide fragrances that will either take you back to your most loved experiences or be the defining fragrance of your new memories. 

We have launched a brand new candle. I worked with Max and Bonnie Kate Zogbhi of Adventure US to create a fragrance that marked one of their many fond memories. Since I have known them I have seldom seen BK without flowers in her hair and my first experience with them was like many of yours, through a short film chronicling the challenging yet sweet years leading up to their wedding day. the film is called Wildflower / A Proposal. I was blown away by their bravery and their perspective so I reached out to Max for some encouragement. We quickly became friends and I continue to be blown away by how light and full of life my friends Max and BK are. When they reached out to me with the idea to create a candle we both had a pretty clear direction of what we wanted this candle to embody. It is called Wildflower and it is reminiscent of the fields of wildflowers in valleys in before and behind the mountain. Refreshingly nostalgic, this earthy-floral candle will invite you to slow down, and relish your simpler days of hide-n-seek in the sunshine.

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