Jake's Thanks

I am one who believes in the team. Great Bear Wax Co. may seem like my "thing" but many people have pushed me and rallied for me. We certainly would not be where we are today if it weren't for the folks who came alongside me and calmed me when we needed calming, who helped when I needed help, and who guided and steered when I couldn't. You already know who you are but we wanted to give you the honor you deserve. 

Allen Brewer - Allen guided me though the entire start-up process and has been instrumental in the creation of Great Bear Wax Co. He would meet with me weekly to discuss life and business and over the first year of business became a well trusted mentor in my life. 

Richard Patton - Richard is the man to know in the Auburn/Opelika area. With me having been a musician in the area, he was a "must know" in the community. Im not going to say he is responsible for every cool and exciting thing going on in the Opelika area, but he is certainly the forerunner to the incredible culture/communtiy that is being created in Opelika. He created a culture that made all of us fearless in regards to trying new things. We always felt championed by Richard, whether we were making candles on the back porch, or painting our faces for a local Adventure the Great show. I am proud to call this guy one of my best friends. 

Mom and Dad- Good gosh. This barely even scratches the surface as to how thankful I am for both of you. I have never in my life been afraid to chase this or any other dream because of your constant encouragement. You believe in me and my brother to the point where we feel invincible in the face of adversity. I love you two so much and could not be prouder to be your son! 

Kristin Hall- This "bandit" was one of the first folks I built a relationship with after I moved to Birminhgam. Almost a year later I was sitting in her event space (The Nest and the location where we poured all of our candles for the first year in bham) to write this. Thanks for the continuous support!

Josh Carnley- Certainly not last and most certainly not least, Thank you to my brother Josh Carnley. He is the designer that does all of the work for Great Bear and quite frankly has as much invested into this company as anyone. Your intelligent and well crafted design is only rivaled by your overwhelming passion for this business and love for it. I love you so much brother.