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Desert Flower

$ 28.00


Piper and I drove from Alabama to California and camped in the Toyota the entire way. From the long flat roads of west Texas, to the freezing midnight temperatures of Joshua Tree, we endured an excellent adventure across the country. We shared beers with pals in desert saloons and watched our denim get dusty with sand and clay. Picture the red and orange skyline against the pastel blue sky blended with the ghosts of the west and you have our Desert Flower fragrance. Notes of amber, warm cactus, and faded floral notes make this candle the perfect fixture for your home.

Top Note: Ghost Flower
Mid Note: Amber, Cactus, Pear
Base Note: Warm Sand




11oz 55+ hours

6oz 25+ hours

4oz 18+ hours

Glassware Candle 
USA All-Natural soy wax 
Cotton Core Wick 
Fine Fragrance oils 
Hand-poured in Small Batches
Made in Birmingham Alabama